Sequel to Carlo Ledesma's The Tunnel being prepped

I've still yet to experience Carlo Ledesma's found footage horror flick THE TUNNEL, which generated some headlines last year after the director decided to distribute it for free via BitTorrent. (It subsequently got a DVD and limited theatrical release.) Apparently, the Australian product was met with a very positive reception, as today brings the news that a sequel is in the works.

According to Screen Daily, THE TUNNEL: DEAD-END will pick up the story years later as Tangles’ sister tries to find out what happened to her brother in the tunnels. I assume people who have seen THE TUNNEL will know what that means...

Distracted Media will produce, with funding from Screen Australia.

“Initially, we weren’t anticipating doing another Tunnel film but the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the original, as well as our fans clamouring for another on an almost daily basis, made us go back and give it a second thought. We weren’t going to go ahead unless we could find a story we were 100% behind, which we now have and are thrilled to have the support of Screen Australia,” said Distracted Media’s Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey.

Distracted Media is also developing a sci-fi horror flick called AIRLOCK, which is evidently in the vein of ALIEN. The team plans on using the same crowdfunding model (the 135k Project, wherein the filmmakers sold frames from the movie to the public) as it did on THE TUNNEL to raise cash.

THE TUNNEL star Bel Deliá

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone out there seen THE TUNNEL yet?
Source: Screen Daily



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