Seth Rogen snaps Dominic Cooper and Ian Colletti on the Preacher set

Production recently began on the pilot for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's AMC television adaptation of Garth Ennis's comic PREACHER, a fact which Rogen celebrated by tweeting a picture from the set earlier this week. That time, we only got to see a clapperboard. Now Rogen has shared something a little meatier.

With a new tweet, Rogen has given the world our first look at Dominic Cooper as the titular PREACHER, Reverend Jesse Custer, who appears to be having a chat with Ian Colletti as Eugene, a young man so disfigured that he earns the nickname Arseface. Arseface happens to be looking away from the camera in the shot, saving the reveal of his mug for another day.

Rogen and Goldberg are directing the pilot, which was written by Sam Catlin, who will serve as the showrunner if, AMC willing, PREACHER gets picked up as a series. 


Preacher follows Reverend Jesse Custer, a tough Texas preacher who has lost his faith, has learned that God has left Heaven and abandoned His responsibilities. He finds himself the only person capable of tracking God down, demanding answers, and making Him answer for His dereliction of duty. Accompanying Jesse on his journey is his former girlfriend and a friendly vampire who seems to prefer a pint in the pub to the blood of the innocent. On his tail is one of the most iconic bad guys in print – an immortal, unstoppable killing machine named the Saint of Killers – a western lone gunman archetype whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill Jesse.

Different creative teams spent years trying to develop PREACHER into a cinematic property to no avail before the decision was made to aim for television, a much more fitting medium. It's still hard to imagine a show being able to match the brilliance and blasphemous insanity of Ennis's book, but it would be extremely cool to be able to tune in for weekly installments of PREACHER madness.

Extra Tidbit: Are you hoping PREACHER goes to series?
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