Sexy Brazilian lesbians summon ancient evil in Pandemonia trailer

That got your attention, didn’t it? If the films of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco have taught us anything it’s that semi-pornographic lesbian sex improves even the crappiest of horror movie. And hey, remember HIGH TENSION? That flick took that softcore idea and gave it pathos, giving us an unfulfilled lesbian romance to raise the final girls’ stakes against that a savage killer. Now, PANDEMONIA is evolving these themes into a three-way of paranormal pain.

In the new trailer, featured below, we’ve got something that reminds me of a bent EVIL DEAD mixed with a dash of THEM (the home invasion flick, not the killer ant movie). Basically, a film that’s tailor made for the Arrow in the Head crowd. It’s equal parts sexy, spooky, and more than a little mysterious. Basically, it's a Brazilian indie to keep on your radar until an North American release is announced.

The TerraNova films production stars Jessica Drago, Schella Foltran, Mila Tiso, and Tame Louise. PANDEMONIA is written and directed by Brazilian auteur Daniel Moreno in what appears to be his first foray into the genre, but you wouldn’t know it from the trailer. Check it out along with the synopsis below.

“Jasmin take her two best friends, Juliana and Isabela, for a weekend in a cottage, a house that was owned by her late aunt Helena. In the midst of drinking and confessions, one of the girls finds in the attic an old trunk and inadvertently opens it: inside it, they face a strange ancient book, a grimoire, bringing rituals and potions that allow the living make contact with the death’s realm. The three friends then start a journey into the unknown, whose consequences will show especially perverse for one of the girls.”

Extra Tidbit: Now that we're on lesbian horror films, allow me to point out Lina Romay mouthed a lot more than necks in FEMALE VAMPIRE (see still above).



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