"Shameless" star Steve Howey joins romantic-horror flick In Your Eyes

IN YOUR EYES, the romantic horror flick written and produced by Joss Whedon, is moving nicely toward its April production date. Last month Abigail Spencer had been cast as the female lead, and now it seems she's found herself a man to play with...

Deadline has it has that "Shameless" star Steve Howey (above) will play opposite Spencer (below) in IN YOUR EYES. Apparently he'll also join Zoe Kazan, Mark Feuerstein and Michael Stahl-David, in a flick that centers on two people who are preternaturally or supernaturally connected, despite being polar opposites.

While I'm not really sure what the hell a romantic-horror movie is (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN maybe), of the few episodes of "Shameless" I've seen, I like this Howey guy well enough. Dude's pretty f*ckin' funny actually. More concerning is the sophomore effort of director Brin Hill, whose first feature BALL DON'T DIE didn't exactly set the world on fire. Whedon must see something in him though, so maybe we just trust the man and wait patiently. Hopefully not as long as THE CABIN THE WOODS though...

Extra Tidbit: You a "Shameless" fan? Did you know it's a remake of a British show starring James McAvoy?
Source: Deadline



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