Shauna Macdonald encounters a creature called Nails in new trailer

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The last time we caught word of TRAPPED ASHES writer Dennis Bartok's directorial debut the film was being called P.O.V. and SKYFALL Bond girl Berenice Marlohe was set to star in it. I was very interested to see Marlohe take the lead in a horror film, but things didn't work out. Marlohe had to depart the project at some point and was replaced by an actress who has some experience with intense horror - Shauna Macdonald, star of THE DESCENT.

P.O.V. is now titled NAILS and is scheduled to make its world premiere at next month's Audi Dublin International Film Festival. Since the film's first audience will soon be watching it play out on the screen, a trailer has been released online to give us a tease of what's in store for them.

Scripted by Bartok and Tom Abrams, NAILS tells the story of

Dana Milgrom, a track coach who survives a near-death car accident only to find herself almost completely paralyzed and trapped inside her own body, forced to communicate via an artificial voice program. While recovering, she becomes convinced that some evil presence exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her. No one believes her – not even her own husband and daughter, who think she’s experienced a mental breakdown. However, Dana soon realises she may not be the only target. As the hauntings become more disturbing and violent, Dana’s life is increasingly at risk – as well as the person she cares most about: her teenage daughter, Gemma.

That's an unimaginably awful situation to be in even before an evil spirit starts messing with you. This might be one of those horror films where the medical side of things troubles me more than the supernatural shenanigans.

Check out the NAILS trailer below and see what you think:

Extra Tidbit: How does NAILS look to you?
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