Shout! Factory to run Turkey Day MST3K marathon this Thanksgiving

MST3K Shout Factory Turkey Day Marathon

We could all use a little holiday cheer this Thanksgiving, and who's better than the good folks at Shout! Factory to provide it for us? The company will use their online streaming service to host their fourth annual MST3K Turkey Day marathon, live streaming for free the six most popular episodes of the show, as voted by the fans.

They haven't announced which episodes they'll be airing, but last year's delectable selection included series classic like SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, and GORGO. The marathon will be hosted by the show's creator Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray, who will be hosting the new iteration of the show, which premieres next year.

Why not boost your Turkey Day with some extra flavor with a heaping helping of cinematic turkeys? The marathon will begin streaming on Shout Factory TV on Thursday, November 28th at 12PM ET

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite episode of MST3K?
Source: Shout! Factory



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