Sinister 2 director Ciaran Foy reteams with Blumhouse on The Shee

His work done on SINISTER 2, director Ciarán Foy, who made his feature directorial debut with 2012's CITADEL, is ready to move on to his next film, which will be his third genre project in a row. Foy and Blumhouse Productions will be continuing the working relationship they just established on SINISTER 2 with an "elevated thriller" called THE SHEE.

The first SINISTER was directed by Scott Derrickson, and when Foy took over the helm for the sequel he was working from a screenplay written by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill. Just judging from the short synopsis available, it sounds like THE SHEE might be a bit more of a personal project for the Irish filmmaker:

Set in 1960s Ireland, The Shee is the story of a troubled young woman who must confront her violent and tragic past when she travels to a remote island. 

The news that Foy and Blumhouse will be working together again makes the upcoming SINISTER 2 look even more promising, as it's a strong indication that the company is happy with the work Foy did on the film.

While THE SHEE heads toward production, SINISTER 2 is set to hit theatres this Friday, August 21st.

CITADEL's Amy Shiels

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