Spanish horror flick The Body is coming to the U.S.

THE BODY, a stylish thriller from Rodar y Rodar, the company behind Spanish horror hits JULIA'S EYES and THE ORPHANAGE, finally has U.S. distribution. Variety reports that the L.A.-based Outsider Pictures has acquired North American rights to the Oriol Paulo-directed film, which was a hit in its native Spain.

Outsider’s acquisition includes a theatrical and VOD release on THE BODY, although no date has been determined yet.

While fleeing in panic, a man is knocked over by a lorry. When the police arrive, they discover that he is the night watchman at a morgue near the site of the accident. When they enter his workplace, they find that one of the bodies, Mayka Villaverde, a society personality, has disappeared from Room 3. A detective is sent in to investigate the disappearance of the woman's body from the morgue. A storm traps him there with the deceased's husband -- whom he suspects of foul play -- as strange phenomena occur.

THE BODY stars Belen Rueda (pictured below), Jose Coronado, Hugo Silva, Jaime Pena and Aura Garrido.

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Source: Variety



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