Stephen King elaborates on IT saying it succeeds beyond his expectations

I reported the other day that Mr. Stephen King himself had seen the new Andres Muschietti adaptation of his massive novel IT, and that he said we "should stop worrying about it as the producers have done a wonderful job with the production." 

Now that was all well and good, but I have to say I wasn't 100% behind that news. I mean, for one thing, King is notoriously active on Twitter, so if he had said that about the production, he would have certainly posted about it on Twitter, right?

Well, boom. I was right. Yesterday, King took to his Twitter to officially put out his two cents on the matter of the new version of IT, and let me tell you, as always, his words far exceed those of any other writer out there.

Check out what he had to say:

Yes, for those you cannot read tweets for some reason, King just told us "Andy Muschietti's remake of IT succeeds beyond my expectations." Holy sh*t. I don't know about you, but King saying the new film exceeds his expectations got THIS REACTION out of me.

As you can also see above, he then goes on to say, "Relax. Wait. And enjoy." Oh, I have no problem with the "And enjoy" part. The "Wait. Relax" part might be a bit more difficult for me.

STEPHEN KING'S IT Part I thrusts its fists against the posts September 8th!

Now let's start discussing who should play the Loser's Club as adults. I think we can all agree on who should play Beverly...

Extra Tidbit: "Your hair is winter fire, January embers..."
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