Stroll down the "Path of Madness" in new Lovely Molly featurette

Y'all catch a glimpse of our exclusive LOVELY MOLLY motion-poster last week? What'd you think?!?

As you punch up a response, make sure to check out this new semi-trailer, semi-featurette for Eduardo Sanchez's new psychological thriller. The "Path to Madness" clip features new footage and trailer imagery set to a delineative narration...in ominous Grindhouse style. By the time the shite wraps up, I assure, you won't be thinking Molly is so lovely after-all!

Due May 18th:

Newlyweds Molly (Gretchen Lodge) and Tim (Johnny Lewis) move into Molly's deceased father's house in the countryside. An ex-addict with a deeply troubled past, Molly is strong in her new life of recovery. Unexplained disturbances in the night unnerve the couple, and when her husband goes away for business, Molly is left in a house that holds many painful memories. Her isolation is soon shattered by a malicious presence that unleashes a physical and mental assault.

Alexandra Holden (below), Ken Arnold, Tony Ellis, Lauren Lakis, Katie Foster and Daniel Ross also appear in the film.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else confusing LOVELY MOLLY with THE MOTH DIARIES?
Source: AITH



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