Syfy is ordering George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers to series

George R.R. Martin Nightflyers

It was less than three months ago that Syfy ordered a pilot based on Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin's 1980 novella Nightflyers, but the network obviously thinks the property is very promising, as they are reportedly making a deal to pick it up for series while the pilot is still in production.

Syfy is also negotiating with Netflix to have the series featured on the streaming service in the U.S. after it airs on the network. Netflix would also bring Nightflyers to their subscribers outside of the U.S.

Martin's novella previously served as the basis of a 1987 feature film (pictured above). The futuristic story is set 

on the eve of Earth's destruction and follows a crew of explorers who journey on the most advanced ship in the galaxy, the Nightflyer, to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to their survival. As the crew nears their destination, they discover that the ship’s artificial intelligence and never-seen captain may be steering them into deadly and unspeakable horrors deep in the dark reaches of space. Production on the pilot is already underway; casting has not yet been determined. 

The pilot was written by Jeff Buhler and the series is being produced by Robert Jaffe, with Buhler, Gene Klein, David Bartis, Doug Liman, Alison Rosenzweig, Michael Gaeta, Lloyd Ivan Miller, and Alice P. Neuhauser serving as executive producers.

Martin's Game of Thrones deal with HBO prohibits him from being involved with this project.

NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment's Bill McGoldrick has described Nightflyers as a "classic sci-fi horror story" and said the show will "truly explore the depths of madness", so this is definitely something we'll be keeping track of as it heads toward the airwaves.

The cast of the pilot has not yet been announced.

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