Take it back to old school VHS horror with the indie Video Tape Terror

There is just something about DIY backyard horror filmmaking that makes me smile. While the budgets are typically nonexistant, the acting subpar, the special effects laughable, and the camerawork seemingly begging for a tripod shot, every now and again some filmmaker comes up with a halfway decent approach to making their no-budget fright flick work.

Today we have a glimpse at Nick Mendoza's ode to the days of yore (I'm talking the good ol' days of VCR's, VHS tapes and camcorders), VIDEO TAPE TERROR. The plot outline goes like this: Brian is a vhs collector that misses the good old days…when video rental stores existed, monsters in movies looked real, and films weren’t filled with cartoon-looking CGI effects. After coming across a mysterious VCR and a few tapes, he decides to make his own movie.

Just viewing the trailer I can see that the filmmakers didn't have a lot to work with, but judging from the voiceover work and the few images we do get I can say that Mendoza and company are channeling the anger a lot of us horror hounds feel. I just hope it translates well to the screen.

VIDEO TAPE TERROR stars Bill Ross, Nick Mendoza, Christopher Clifton and Alex Anderson. You can find out more about the flick at its official website or on its Facebook page. If the trailer did its job and you are curious enough about the project, you can rent it or buy it from their site.

Extra Tidbit: Do you ever give these no-budget indies a shot? Have you ever come across one that deserved more recognition?



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