Teaser for SyFy's Zombie Night from John Gulager, director of Feast franchise

I think we can all admit that most SyFy Original Movies leave a lot to be desired. Sure, some are fun (I laughed all the way through SHARKNADO...I loved it and I don't care who knows it!), but the majority are downright terrible (I'm looking at you, CHUPACABRA VS. THE ALAMO). But this Saturday SyFy will be premiering a new original flick that not only features a pretty decent cast (including Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah, Alan Ruck and Shirley Jones!), but was helmed by FEAST franchise director John Gulager.

I'm talking about ZOMBIE NIGHT, which is set to invade screens Saturday, October 26 at 9/8c as part of the networks "31 Days of Halloween", and we have a teaser TV spot for ya to check out below.

Two families in a small American town face off against zombies in a long night of horror, torn between helping each other and saving themselves.

While SyFy hasn't had much success delivering a decent zombie flick so far, maybe Gulager and this particular cast can bring us something fun and worthwhile. The flick will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray in December and you can pre-order it now by clicking HERE for the DVD or HERE for the Blu.

Extra Tidbit: What has been your favorite SyFy Original Movie so far?



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