Teaser trailer for trap-and-torture horror flick The Helpers

HOUSE PARTY 4 and YOU GOT SERVED helmer Chris Stokes has gone in a new direction with an upcoming horror flick called THE HELPERS, which we're writing about for the first time. Of the trap-and-torture variety, we have a lengthy (spoiler-ish) synopsis and teaser trailer for the flick below. Get after it!

Starring Kristen Quintrall, Denyce Lawton (below), Christopher Jones, JoJo Wright, Rachel Sterling, Black Thomas, Dustin Harnish, Cameron Diskin and Braxton Davis:

Seven friends, three couples (Claire, Todd, Jordan, Brandy, Ryan and Anna, and their tag along Phil) from Sacramento California all decide to go on a trip to Las Vegas. Phil decides to document their entire trip because his girlfriend Julia wasn't able to make it. All seems fun until they hit a detour/road block. A couple hours of lost driving later, both of the back tires on the truck are blown out! After some moments of confusion and arguing, the gang comes up with the plan that all the girls will stay inside the truck while all the guys walk down the road to find HELP. A couple miles down the deserted road, the guys stumble upon a Gas Station/Diner/Motel, which conveniently has a Tire Shop attached.

The guys think they're in luck when they're offered HELP by the super friendly (Brad) the gas station attendant, who just happens to be great with cars. Brad introduces them to (Steve) the owner of the place, and (Norah). Steve offers to fix the truck, and also offers Todd a ride down the road in the tow truck to pick up the girls, while Jordan, Ryan and Phil all stay in the Diner for free food and drinks. Todd is a bit hesitant at first but agrees to go along with the idea. Once the girls get back, the fun really begins. Steve lets them all know that their truck won't be ready until the morning so it would be best if they stayed the night in the Motel free of charge. After some hours of drinking, partying and karaoke, the gang all go to their rooms hammered!

The next morning, Phil wakes up with no memory of what happened the prior night. When leaving Todd and Claire's room in a hurry to get everyone up and moving, his head gets amputated by Brad. Turns out that Brad and all the friendly HELPFUL people, aren't so helpful at all, but really orphans who went crazy from being abused and beaten in a crooked orphanage a long time ago. Claire and Todd are both locked inside their room to watch all their friends die on their TV monitor in their room, one by one in the worse way possible. When Claire's past is brought into the light, she finds out that it's no accident that her and all her friends end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. That in fact her father used to run the orphanage in which all this abuse went on, and is responsible for this entire ordeal.

More on THE HELPERS as it arrives.

Extra Tidbit: Like a SAW meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, no? Also, notice the blatant sound F/X ripped off from the o.g. TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
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