Teller and Gilbert Gottfried grace these new clips from Director's Cut

DIRECTOR'S CUT, from director Adam Rifkin and writer Penn Jillette sounds like a truly deranged film, and probably the best horror flick to star a magician since TERROR TRAIN. Two new clips have surfaced, the first featuring everyone's favorite impression, Gilbert Gottfried. The second shows Penn's partner Teller actually talking! As an actor, he ain't half bad. Check out the clips below!

A deranged lunatic named Herbert Blount (Jillette) donates a large sum of money to to land himself on the set of a crowdfunded horror movie starring his favorite actress, Missi Pyle. When it appears the director is not doing the film justice, he steals the footage and abducts Pyle in order to create his own better version. It all unfolds via the director’s commentary over his new and improved version of the film.

DIRECTOR'S CUT also stars Harry Hamlin, Hayes MacArthur, Lin Shaye, Nestor Carbonell, and Kirsty Hill.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite performance from a comedian in a horror film?



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