Texas Chainsaw Massacre TV Series coming via Legendary Pictures?

Like most classic horror movie franchise's Tobe Hooper's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has a sordid history. The last film we got in the series was LEATHERFACE, which was produced by the powers that be over at Millenium Films. And today we have word via our buddies over at B-D that the series has (possibly) found a new home.

Yes, it seems that none other than super production company Legendary Pictures has snagged the rights to the classic franchise. Legendary for those who might not know somehow is the powerhouse behind such mega-budget films as GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, THE DARK KNIGHT, MAN OF STEEL, WATCHMEN, INCEPTION, JURASSIC WORLD, and much more.

This acquisition could mean the company will be looking to put some real cash into not only further films in the TCM franchise but a TV series as well!

This situation has not been confirmed at the moment, so we'll go ahead and call the specifics rumor for the sake of argument. But it is known that the rights to the series are up in the air at the moment, and so these rights will eventually land somewhere shortly, and once that news hits officially, we will let you know ASAP.

Until then, make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think of Legendary Pictures snagging the rights to more THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE films and a TV series below!

The original film begins

When Sally (Marilyn Burns) hears that her grandfather's grave may have been vandalized, she and her paraplegic brother, Franklin (Paul A. Partain), set out with their friends to investigate. After a detour to their family's old farmhouse, they discover a group of crazed, murderous outcasts living next door. As the group is attacked one by one by the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), who wears a mask of human skin, the survivors must do everything they can to escape.

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Source: B-D



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