Thai teens are tormented by a drug dealing Jesus in Countdown

Oh my God. This premise... this trailer... this film may be the greatest thing to happen to cinema since, well, I dunno, the last crazy thing we found online and decided to hype up on the site. But seriously, guys, this time we're for real. COUNTDOWN is an upcoming Thai horror flick that'll make you flip shit.

The trailer is mostly in Thai, so it's sort of hard to pin down exactly what's going on. Luckily, we have a synopsis. It's culled from Asian Wiki and the English is a little rough, but it gets the point across:

"...4...3...2...1" Everyone on earth waiting for countdown to new year, including 3 thai-teenagers in New York City that share a room together... All three those want a party before new year comes. Jack called Heasus, a stranger man who dealers for drugs in the party. But his arrival will change their life, when the actual identity is unveiled. They will not find it didn't escape survival and no way to escape from the influence of a mysterious man.

Okay, based on the info above and the trailer below I'm 90% sure this film is about an evil, drug dealing Jesus Christ tormenting Thai kids in their New York apartment just before the New Year hits. Even if it isn't, the trailer is still one of the most gloriously nutty things we've come across in a while. COUNTDOWN hits Thai theaters December 20th. No other release dates have been announced, so fingers crossed we'll see this one stateside one day. Until then, dig on the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Major props to fellow AITH editor Eric Walkuski for the find!
Source: CountdownAsia Wiki



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