That follow up to 2004's Dawn Of The Dead may be dead in the water

Director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr (he directed the premake of THE THING) recently spoke out about a number of things, including the sequel to Zack Synder’s DAWN OF THE DEAD remake.

You might remember a sequel was talked about called ARMY OF THE DEAD, well that actually doesn’t look like its happening now. The film which Warner Bros. was going to do, apparently has become too expensive.

Heijningen Jr had the following to say about it: “I don’t know if that’s going to happen – it was really expensive, because it was going to have to shoot in Las Vegas. They didn’t really want us to shoot in Las Vegas – because of the expense of shooting in Las Vegas. I really don’t think it’s going to happen.”

The script for that was written by Joby Harold, which was based on an idea that Zack Snyder had come up with. I would say for now, it isn’t likely, but could Warner call for a re-write in order to have a film that wouldn’t have a huge budget? I wouldn’t rule that out, but I wont hold my breath for it either.

He also commented of the state of another THE THING film: “I’m not sure whether they’re doing another Thing movie, to be honest. [If they do] I’m staying away from it. I just want to do something different.” I kind of hope there isn’t going to be one, and good on him for wanting to keep things fresh for himself and his career.

DAWN OF THE DEAD's Sarah Polley

Extra Tidbit: I didn't grove to THE THING premake (I thought it was one of last years worst) but I do think Matthijs van Heijningen Jr showed promise, so I look forward to what he does next.
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