The Accidental Exorcist faces demons in official trailer

Accidental Exorcist Daniel Falicki

Although the title ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST causes me to suspect that director Daniel Falicki's supernatural horror film will also have a comedic touch to it, the film's newly released trailer shows no sign of its sense of humor. Instead we get a whole lot of gross, threatening demons facing off with the titular character, who is also played by Falicki.

Scripted by Warren Croyle and Sheri Beth Dusek, ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST tells the following story: 

Richard Vanuck is a natural born Exorcist, in fact, he's the best there ever was and with possessions on the rise across the city, he's booked solid. Reluctantly, he faces the fact that performing exorcisms is the only thing he's truly good at even though it's wearing him down and making his life utterly miserable.

Horror/comedy or dead serious, ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST has a nice visual style and clearly features some intense performances, so it appears to be a project to keep an eye on as it moves toward release.

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