The Bleeding Joystick (August 23, 2012)

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Getting Some Rambo-nery Tidbits!

Some more tidbits about the upcoming Rambo title have landed from Will Curley, an employee of publisher Reef Entertainment. Here's what we know: only the first three flicks are in the game (that's probably for the best. Also, the team knows Rambo used stealth in the first flick, his badass explosive bow in the second one and even drove a tank in the third game. This is all going to make it in to the final product.

Stallone has been confirmed to have his likeness in the game, and some of the soundtrack is going in too. You're going to start the game busting out of the police station, then use your environment to stop foes once you hit the jungle. Get pumped, people- Rambo is coming! Although in terms of a release date, we're told it's coming "soon", and that's about it.

Having Fun With Zombies, Run!

For those of you horror loving gamers who have an affinity for fitness, I'd like to take the time to heartily endorse and recommend (although I'm getting nothing for it, ha) a little app called Zombies, Run! to you.

It's a running app/game designed to help you track your progress as a runner. The game is broken up into several story missions (main missions) and supply missions (where you collect supplies to replenish the little town where you take residence). If you're using a phone (and this is available for both iOS and Android phones), switch on your GPS tracking and the app will send zombies after you, which will let you know that it's time to pick up the pace.

The basic premise is this: the apocalypse has landed and a small group of people are keeping a township alive. You stumble upon the group and become "Runner 5" in a group of people who well, run to accomplish things. I know it might sound sort of lame, but the game/app itself is incredibly well done. The missions range from silly to very serious, and if you use the app enough, you'll develop a real connection to the characters. The story is told in between songs on a setlist you create, so you listen to your music as you go along.

I never thought I could enjoy running, but I've really gotten into it with Zombies, Run! It's an obvious labor of love, and I'll be snapping up more missions the moment they become available. Check it out, it might get you shambling!

Get it here!

State of Decay on the Way

In the ever-expanding realm of undead gaming, a new game has been announced. Coming from developer Undead Labs (cute!), we've got State of Decay. This one's an open world zombie game that will shape itself based on your actions and plays as a third person action game.

According to Undead Labs, “You choose where to make your stand, designing and fortifying your home base, performing daring raids for food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors with unique talents. The open, sandbox world develops in real-time, shaped by your actions, dynamically generating content based on your choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.”

This has been in development since 2010, but it's really gaining steam now. It's heading to us on XBOX Live and PC.

Sleeping Dogs DLC Letting Loose

If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend picking up Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs. It's a badass open-world action title that has you running with (and from) the Triad. I know that some dismiss it as a GTA clone, but even at that, it's an excellent one if you have to pigeon hole it.

WIth that said, it was recently announced that Square will be releaing six months worth of content for the game, and they'll start in September. all we know so far is that things will start out with a "high speed racing back and an explosive SWAT pack", which sound promising already. Get at it, lest you lose a thumb.

More Plants vs. Zombies!

This might be a little on the lame side, but if you've ever played Plants vs. Zombies, you know it's awesome. I'm here to report that an official sequel is finally on the way, and is slated to hit..well, almost every device imaginable in Spring of 2013.  The original game made over 650 MILLION dollars after its original indie release, so yeah I'd expect this one to be bigger, badder and uhh...plant-ier.

If you're unfamiliar with it, the game involves you planting a bunch of cool plants in your garden as a sort of tower-defense style game to fend off the hordes of the wacky undead. Yeah it's silly and cartoony looking but it was a ton of fun, super addicting, clever and funny. Find it, play it, anticipate the sequel yo!

 See you next time.. and enjoy getting that song out of your head!

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