The Conjuring writers producing remake of Russian film The Bride

Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy The Bride

I've been visiting friends in Brazil this month, and while looking at the local movie listings we noticed that a nearby theatre was showing a Russian horror movie that had slipped by me - a film with a title that translates to THE BRIDE. We didn't go to see THE BRIDE because I wouldn't get much out of seeing a movie in Russian with Portuguese subtitles, since I don't understand Russian and don't know enough Portuguese, but that listing got me interested in learning more about the film.

While looking up information on it, I stumbled across the announcement that Lionsgate is developing an English language remake of THE BRIDE, with THE CONJURING screenwriters Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes on board to produce with Vlad Severtsev.

Written and directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy, the Russian film tells the story of 

a turn-of-the-century bride who returns from the dead to terrify a modern-day bride and her family. 

THE BRIDE was released in Russia back in January and has been gradually making its way out to other territories since. I haven't seen any information on a U.S. release, but with an American remake in the works I assume the movie should be available in the states soon.

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