The Crow remake loses director Corin Hardy during Relativity staff shake-up

Good thing The Crow has experience resurrecting himself, because Relativity's remake of THE CROW has hit another speed bump. Back in July, Relativity's bankruptcy interrupted pre-preoduction. And that was already a month after lead actor Jack Huston dropped out. The remake was expected to get back on track in March, but guess what? It's March now and things aren't looking so hot.

Dana Brunetti has taken over the creative aspect of Relativity, whereupon the company decided to allow him to retool the franchise according to his own vision. This involves dropping previously attached director Corin Hardy (the fourth director on the project so far), who recently helmed his debut feature THE HALLOW.

Despite this shake-up, THE CROW is reportedly a "top production priority" for Relativity because they're already sunk over a staggering $7 million into it. I've always heard you shouldn't throw good money after bad, but this saga is too fascinating to end here.

In more THE CROW news, there might be an issue further down the line thanks to a lawsuit from producer Ed Pressman, who is looking to deny Relativity the rights to sequels, prequels, and remakes of THE CROW. More news on this torrid affair as it breaks!

Extra Tidbit: Do you think they should press on with the remake or call it quits?
Source: The Wrap



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