The Ice Cream Truck serves up horror in teaser and stills

Megan Freels Johnston The Ice Cream Truck

It's been a year since THE ICE CREAM TRUCK caught my attention, partly through the fact that writer/director Megan Freels Johnston is the granddaughter of author Elmore Leonard. In the year since the project was announced, THE ICE CREAM TRUCK has been filmed and is now making its way through post-production. A teaser trailer has been released online and can be seen below, along with a batch of stills that have been posted on the film's official Facebook page and a poster.

With a cast that includes Deanna Russo, Emil Johnsen, John Redlinger, Sam Schweikert, Hilary Barraford, Bailey Anne Borders, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Dan Sutter, Dana Gaier, Lisa Ann Walter, Declan Michael Laird, and LaTeace Towns-Cuellar, THE ICE CREAM TRUCK tells the following story: 

Mary's husband gets relocated for work which allows her to move back to her suburban hometown. As Mary's family ties up loose ends back home, she moves into their new house alone and waits. Although her familiar suburb is a constant reminder of her youth, something seems strange. A local Ice Cream Man with a love of nostalgia starts to kill some of her neighbors. Mary is torn between her mature instincts that something wrong and the distracting memories of her younger days.

Judging by the teaser and some of the images, it looks like THE ICE CREAM TRUCK has turned out even better than I anticipated. Hopefully we won't have to wait very long to see it - there's no release information available yet, but we'll keep you updated as announcements are made.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to THE ICE CREAM TRUCK?
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