The JoBlo Wednesday Night Movie Chat: Alien

Update: Due to unfortunate technical difficulties we were forced to postpone the chat last Sunday. Now that we have fixed the issue, I will be hosting, for one time only, The JoBlo Wednesday Night Movie Chat! Thank you all for being so patient and understanding.

Next week, my most anticipated movie of the year is being unleashed to the public. To say that I am excited for Prometheus is one hell of an understatement. I know that I'm not alone in my excitement for Prometheus, so I figured that best way to make the wait a little easier would be to host a chat for Ridley Scott's masterpiece, Alien!

Since last October, yours truly has been hosting The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat every Sunday night at 7pm EST. We've chatted about many great flicks including The Avengers, Terminator 2, Serenity and The Matrix. It's a great chance to discuss flicks with your fellow schmoes live. Maybe even learn a thing or two from your fellow schmoes about the movies you love.

All you need to do is head to OUR CHATROOM at 7pm EST and log in with your MFC username. Come prepared with talking points or questions, or feel free to lurk and and see what everyone else is discussing.

I am a massive fan of the first two Alien movies. Hell, I even like the third one. But as far as pure terror goes, none of the sequels hold a candle to the original. I'd be hard pressed to find another movie that captures both beauty and horror so well together. This is definitely one of the greatest sci-fi/horror movies ever made, if not the greatest. So go ahead and join us this and every Sunday at 7pm EST at Movie Fan Central!



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