The Meg starring Jason Statham gets a PG-13 rating

The last word we heard about the upcoming giant killer shark movie MEG starring Jason Statham was that the film was going to be going by a new title - kinda. The film will now be known as THE MEG.

Because I guess the inclusion of "The" into horror titles is the trend nowadays.

Anyhow, today we have news that THE MEG has been slapped with a PG-13 rating via the MPAA for "action/peril, bloody images, and some language."

While I would have liked to see Jason Statham punch-kick sharks in gory R-rated fashion, a PG-13 rating makes sense considering Statham described the film as "JAWS meets JURASSIC PARK."

Fair enough.

What do you think of this news? Does it make you more or less excited to see THE MEG? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

THE MEG synopsis:

After escaping an attack by what he claims was by a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible.

THE MEG is set to hit theaters August 10, 2018.

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Source: MPAA



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