The Purge creator James DeMonaco to Take Back the Night

The Purge: Election Year James DeMonaco

THE PURGE creator James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the first three films in that franchise, isn't directing the upcoming PURGE prequel (although he is producing it and wrote the screenplay), and while director Gerard McMurray shepherds that project toward the big screen DeMonaco has been setting up a non-PURGE horror project.

DeMonaco is attached to produce, with his PURGE producing partner Sebastien Lemercier, a horror film called TAKE BACK THE NIGHT for New Regency.

It isn't clear whether or not DeMonaco intends to direct the film as well, but the screenplay was written by Ryan Riley. The plot is being kept secret for the moment, and all that has been revealed is that Riley's script is 

a fresh twist on a familiar genre trope.

Which could mean pretty much anything, as the genre has a whole lot of familiar tropes. Not even the title offers a hint.

Whatever Riley's story is, those who were able to read it seemed to be enthusiastic about it - New Regency acquired the spec in "a competitive situation".

We'll let you know more about TAKE BACK THE NIGHT as more is revealed. In the meantime, McMurray's THE PURGE: THE ISLAND is scheduled to reach theatres on July 4, 2018. DeMonaco is also developing a television series based on his franchise.

Extra Tidbit: What trope would you like to see get a fresh twist?
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