The Shudder/Clive Barker/Project Greenlight contest is open for submissions!

Here's the thing about most horror fans. They all have Shudder the streaming service. If you don't, come on, dude, get with it. Another thing about most horror fans is they all love all things Clive Barker. But they top thing all horror fans share is they are really just peeps who want to be out there making their OWN fright flicks!

Am I wrong?  Let me know if you're that guy.

Anyway so being a horror fan and subscribing to Shudder and loving all things Barker, than what could be better than making for own movie, financed and Executive Producer by Clive and Shudder?!

The answer was nothing.

I told you guys about the contest a few weeks back, but I just wanted to update you and let you know that the contest is NOW OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS.

No excuses. Get those submissions in. Today.

Contest details via the official site:

Do you live to scream? Do you love to scare? If you’re a filmmaker with an appetite for fright, look no further: Project Greenlight Digital Studios and horror/ thriller streaming service Shudder bring you the REEL FEAR Horror Contest. Enter now for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see your $300,000 indie horror film come to life – with mentorship from iconic horror film director Clive Barker.

The whole contest comes in a series of 5 Phases, but considering you need to complete Phases 1 to get to the next, let's just start there and if you finish that bit then feel free to even read the rest. If not, don't bother.

Phase 1: Pitch Submission

Submissions for the Reel Fear Horror Contest open February 13, 2017 at 10am PT on projectgreenlight.com, and close on March 17, 2017 at 11:59am PT. See the below guidelines for tips on submitting the best pitch possible:

Introduce yourself. Tell us about your background in filmmaking. Why do you want to make an indie horror film?

Present a clear and concise plot summary in your pitch video. Is the story you want to tell original? Are the characters interesting? Most importantly, why should your idea be chosen?

Show us some creativity! Talking heads are great, but don’t be afraid to include clips of your past work -- or shoot something new just for the pitch. We tend to receive a lot of talking heads in front of webcams, so submit something that stands out to improve your chances of moving forward to the finalist round. Production quality also matters to us, so make sure your sound and lighting design are as professional as possible.

Please do not submit a fully finished short or pilot as your entry. We want to see you pitch your project!
Your pitch (and pitch video) must be original and of your own creation. It should be longer than 1 minute and less than 3 minutes.

The pitch video should be in MP4 format. The aspect ratio must be 1920x1080, and no larger than 1GB.
Already have an outline, treatment, storyboards, script, or a director reel? Be sure to link to these supplemental materials in the submission form.

On April 11, the Top 10 semi-finalists will be notified and asked to submit a 3-5 page treatment of their film concept by April 25 at 11:59am PT (close of voting).

Here is the contest trailer:

If you are somehow still reading this and didn't leave your desk chair spinning in lonely circles like the end of a JCPenny commercial about a sale, or some sh*t, then you can visit the contest's official website yourself and check out more details including Key Dates, Further Details, Awards, FAQ, and Official Rules.

See you guys in the contest because you know I'm throwing my hat into the ring. Talk to you guys when we hit Phase 2!

Extra Tidbit: Are you entering the contest?



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