The Strangers 2 might not be invading theaters in December after all


Not unlike ZOMBIELAND 2 (which we just wrote about) THE STRANGERS 2 is one of those projects that always appears just about ready to take off, only to suffer a setback that keeps it grounded. And, also like Z2, the last news we had on the sequel was fairly positive: Late last year it was announced production company Relativity Media would be releasing the film on December 2, 2016. About time, right?

Not so fast. Because of all its bankruptcy issues, Relativity might not be ready to release THE STRANGERS 2 on the public as previously hoped. In an interview with Collider, producer Roy Lee admitted the time didn't look right for this movie to get rolling.

We have a script that’s fantastic, but they’ve had some financial difficulties so it’s unclear as to whether or not they’ll be able to finance the movie.”

It's interesting that Relativity felt comfortable enough a couple months ago to announce a release date for the film, but now may not be able to fulfill that promise. Maybe they won't be financing on their own? Honestly, who knows what goes on behind the scenes of a calamity like this, but it seems safe to say that you shouldn't leave any cookies out for THE STRANGERS this December.

Last we heard, Marcel Langenegger was directing from a Ben Ketai screenplay.


Extra Tidbit: Do you actually want to see THE STRANGERS 2?
Source: Collider



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