Timur Bekmambetov talks Gareth Edwards' new sci-fi epic Forever

It's been close to a full year since hearing about the sci-fi epic being brought to us by producer Timur Bekmambetov and director Gareth Edwards. But now that Timur has seen ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER whisked into theaters, the mad Russian is talking up the Edwards' newest. The flick is called FOREVER, and thanks to Bleeding Cool, we now know a bit more. Peep it...

About FOREVER, Timur had this to say:

"It’s happening. He shot a test film, and we now have to wait until the script is in place. Gareth is meeting with the writer to polish the script. The writer is Dante Harper."

Nice, so things are moving swiftly, including the name of the writer. This Harper cat wrote adaptations for ALL YOU NEED IS KILL and Isaac Asimov's THE FOUNDATION. Seems promising!

FOREVER centers on a young human child (probably around 5 years old) and a robot who travel across the galaxy in search of mankind’s origin in a world void of humanity and filled with robots.

Stay close as more develops...

Extra Tidbit: You like how FOREVER is shaping up?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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