Tom Sizemore becomes possessed on the other side of The Door

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore is the first actor to sign on to the Global Genesis Group horror-thriller project THE DOOR, taking on a role that will put him through a situation similar to the one endured by James Brolin in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (and Ryan Reynolds in the AMITYVILLE remake).

Written by Charles Morris and Harel Goldstein, THE DOOR centers on 

Scott and Rebecca Johnson as they move into a home where, in the late 50s, Dr. Lazarus Saint and his young son Vincent were killed in a house fire. Rebecca discovers the ghost of Vincent, who warns her that Scott is becoming the dead Lazarus. She realizes she is doomed unless she can stop the reborn Lazarus.

It's always a pain when you move into a new place and end up getting possessed by the previous occupant. Sizemore will be playing Scott, who starts to become Lazarus.

There is no director attached to THE DOOR just yet, but the producers are in talk with a few potential helmers. The one who has been named is Corbin Timbrook, who has credits like TOWER OF BLOOD, STUDIO 666, BLOOD RANCH, THE BELLY OF THE BEAST, and PORN SHOOT MASSACRE on his résumé.

I have faith in Sizemore's ability to be scary and play crazy, now we'll have to wait and see how the rest of THE DOOR comes together.

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