Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith look badass in this new Men In Black 3 still

It is the day for some new release stills, earlier I showed you another look at PROMETHEUS with Noomi Rapace and now we’ve got a new shot from MEN IN BLACK 3!

This one features our stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones looking like total badasses! I like it and I am actually rather pumped for this film, the original MEN IN BLACK was a fun and hilarious ride and a film I consider to be one of the best comedies of the 90’s. The second film was not so good but I feel this one will be more in the spirit of the original.

In addition to Smith as Agent J, Tommy Lee Jones' reprisal as the wisecracking Agent K in the present (the part already shot). Josh Brolin, through a time-travel twist, plays a young Agent K from 1969 who encounters countercultural figures such as Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono.

Our basses star along with Josh Brolin, Alice Eve (below), Emma Thompson, Betty White, Rip Torn, Michael Stuhlbarg and Nicole Scherzinger. You can catch this one when it opens on May 25th!

Extra Tidbit: In a stroke of casting genius, Josh Brolin portrays a young Tommy Lee Jones in the film.
Source: Movie Web



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