Tremors 6 is a go, Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy to star

Tremors 5: Bloodlines Jamie Kennedy Michael Gross Don Michael Paul

This is somewhat surprising news, but it's a great surprise in my book. There are now officially two separate TREMORS projects in the works at Universal - while Kevin Bacon and Blumhouse Productions are busy developing a ten episode Tremors mini-series for Amazon that will see Bacon's return to the franchise more than twenty-five years after he starred in the original TREMORS, a mini-series which will be "putting aside" the cinematic sequels to some degree, Universal has also given the greenlight to a sixth installment in the film series.

Michael Gross, who played survivalist Burt Gummer in every TREMORS film (except for TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS, in which he played Burt's ancestor Hiram Gummer) and the short-lived Tremors TV series that aired on the SciFi Channel in 2003, took to his Facebook account to announce that TREMORS 6 is a go.

IT IS HAPPENING!!! Tremors and Graboid fans, there WILL be a number 6!!! Universal Studios Entertainment announced to me today that this will happen. Can't divulge too many secrets but to say that Burt Gummer, Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul will return for another.

Kennedy and Paul made their TREMORS debuts with last year's TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES. Kennedy will be reprising the role of Travis B. Welker, a character who was revealed to be Gummer's illegitimate son. In the final moments of BLOODLINES the father and son were seen to be embarking on a career as professional monster hunters, so one can assume that TREMORS 6 will have their job leading them into another confrontation with Graboids, Shriekers, and/or Ass-Blasters. And maybe another sort of monster as well.

Bacon's "putting aside the sequels" comment and the fact that Gross has never been contacted for the mini-series had me concerned that Burt Gummer might be left out of that chapter in the Tremors saga, so it's great to hear that Gummer's adventures will definitely continue with a TREMORS 6.

With two projects to look forward to, I am one happy TREMORS fan right now.

Tremors 5 Michael Gross Jamie Kennedy Don Michael Paul

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