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Last November, hot on the heels of the home video release of TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES, we heard that Kevin Bacon, co-star of the original TREMORS, was getting a dream project off the ground. Bacon had stated repeatedly in interviews that he wanted to reprise his TREMORS role of Valentine McKee to catch up with the character 25 years later, and lamented the fact that Universal didn't seem interested in making it happen, but once TREMORS 5 was wrapped Universal clearly took interest. It was announced that Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions were joining forces to develop a Tremors TV show that Bacon would executive produce and star in as Valentine McKee.

The only details that were revealed at that time were that the show was being written by Andrew Miller and would be set in a location very familiar to TREMORS fans: the tiny town of Perfection, Nevada.

There have been six months of silence since that announcement. We were overdue for an update, and thankfully Bacon provided one during a recent online Q&A. Asked if he would make another TREMORS, Bacon replied:

I would love to make another Tremors, in fact we're working on a ten episode mini-series for Tremors right now. I think it'd be great."

That's a good update, not only confirming that the show is still in the works but also letting us know exactly what it is. A ten episode mini-series. You can pack a lot of fun character stuff and monster attacks into ten episodes.

As awesome as it will be to see Bacon return to the world of TREMORS, I do have some apprehension about this project at this stage, as I hope they won't use the fact that Valentine wasn't in any of the sequels to ignore the events of those films, particularly what they told us about the Graboid life cycle. I'm also concerned about the fact that Michael Gross, whose character Burt Gummer is truly the star of the franchise, doesn't seem to have been contacted about the show yet. You can't put Valentine back in Perfection and not have him butting heads with Burt.

In addition to the five films, there was also another Tremors TV show that ran for 13 episodes on Sci-Fi/Syfy back in 2003. Set in Perfection, the show starred Gross as Burt.

To hear the update on the new show come straight from Bacon's mouth, click play on the video below:

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