Trick 'r Treat director discusses the possibility of a sequel

I don't know about you guys, but around my household TRICK 'R TREAT has become as much of a holiday tradition as John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN or Charles Martin Smith's TRICK OR TREAT (no relation). The film isn't perfect or anything (I'm still trying to wrap my head around the out-of-sequence narrative) but it has enough spooky fun and holiday cheer that it may just warrant a sequel.

Though neither Warner Bros or Legendary are pursuing a follow-up to the film, writer/director Michael Doughtery believes there is still potential:

“It would be great to do, maybe some day well [SIC] get to it. Every year I think about it a little more, obviously. I hear you [fans]. I want to [do it eventually]. I’m seriously kicking it around. The more fans continue to support and spread the movie, the more likely it is that Sam will rise from the pumpkin patch once more...”

While no official numbers have been released, word on the street is TRICK 'R TREAT made a nice profit on the home video circuit. Not only that but FearNet is airing the film for 24 hours on the day of Halloween. So it isn't like the film hasn't gotten some love, but a little more could never hurt. Hit up the film's Facebook page and request a sequel to get the attention of those fat cat Hollywood executives.  While you're at it, check for screenings of TRICK 'R TREAT in your area. It isn't as effective as unleashing Sam on the studio, but it could be the next best thing.

Extra Tidbit: TRICK 'R TREAT star Anna Paquin (above) has an entire Tumblr devoted to her derriere. True story.



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