Trollhunter director in talks to adapt monster comic Enormous

Andre Ovredal, the Norwegian director of the found footage treat TROLLHUNTER, can't seem to get away from gigantic monsters. The Hollywood Reporter has it that Ovredal is teaming up with HITMAN producer Adrian Askarieh to adapt Image Comics' apocalyptic monster tale ENORMOUS for the big screen.

In ENORMOUS, a cataclysmic ecological event has spawned colossal beasts that overrun human civilization. Cities are reduced to ruins where survivors must scratch out a desperate existence, evading the giant creatures that hunt them.

In the midst of this struggle against annihilation, a young woman who has lost everything, Ellen Grace, braves the rubble-strewn streets to find lost children and bring them to a safe place. However, she soon finds that there is another enemy just as dangerous as the megafauna: other humans.

So it's "The Walking Dead" with giant beasts!

Though it debuted this year with Image, ENORMOUS is moving to a new publisher, 21 Ink Publishing, which is expected to announce at this week’s New York Comic-Con an 18-book series to begin releasing in 2013.

Meanwhile, Askarieh and Ovredal have ambitious plans for ENORMOUS, which include a high-end digital Web series and a a TV show in addition to the feature film. Ovredal will direct, while Askarieh's Prime Universe will produce.

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