Troma set to release 1989 horror slick Where Evil Lives!

Those weirdos at Troma are at it again, dredging up another lost "classic" from yesteryear and thrusting it in our faces; that's why we love 'em. The flick in question this time around is WHERE EVIL LIVES, a 1989 thriller starring Claude Akins (THE CURSE), James Coffey and Tom Croom.

The plot: A crazed man with a gun stalks through an old fraternity house killing the co-eds one by one. 30 years later the house is sold to a nice young family hoping to start a new life. But the ghosts of the past will not suffer these intruders lightly. As the family soon realizes the horros that happened in this old house will unfold again!

The disc will be light on special features, but it will contain an intro from Lloyd Kaufman (of course), a slide show and trailers.

WHERE EVIL LIVES comes out on DVD on SEPTEMBER 11th; to pre-order, click HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with this title? I must admit that I am not...
Source: AITH



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