TV: Billy Burke has "Revoultion," David Harbour "Midnight Sun" & Adan Canto "Cults"

Pilot season is in full swing, as evidenced by the 4 or 5 new casting tidbits breaking out daily. Today we have a few that pertain to shows we've scribbled about here at AITH in the past, so why not give you an update. You into it? Let's roll...

First up is J.J. Abrams' post-apocalyptic series "Revolution." Word is TWILIGHT star Billy Burke (seen top right) has joined the pilot episode, set to play a charismatic Marine. Jon Favreau is directing.

"Revolution" is “A high octane action drama from J. J. Abrams following a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.”

Next up is NBC's "cult of serial killer" series "Midnight Sun." Apparently David Harbour (seen mid-right) has joined Julia Stiles, Emma Bella and Daniella Pineda in the show, and will play the mysterious Ethan Davis, who runs the local Coast Guard.

The Gist: After the mysterious disappearance of Midnight Sun, a group living on a cult-like commune in Alaska, a female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation uncovers a larger conspiracy.

Finally is the untitled Kevin Williamson series set up at Fox. Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are the key leads, but word has come in that Mexican actor Adan Canto (seen bottom right) has also joined the show as well. Canto will play Billy, a supportive friend who helps keep Sarah, who is Carroll’s last intended victim, safe.

The project, from Warner Bros TV, is described as an edge-of-the-seat thriller about Joe Carroll (Purefoy) a diabolical serial killer who uses technology to create a cult of serial killers, and retired FBI profiler Ryan Hardy (Bacon) who finds himself in the middle of it.

Daniella Pineda

Extra Tidbit: Which of the 3 shows has you most intrigued?
Source: Deadline



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