TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead: Series Finale Review

TV Ash vs Evil Dead: Series Finale Review
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Season 3, Episode 10: The Mettle of Man

SUMMARY: Ash (Bruce Campbell) tries to end his battle with evil once and for all.

REVIEW: Well, that’s all folks. After three seasons, and thirty episodes, one of the greatest fanboy wish fulfillment experiments ever comes to an end. It was fun while it lasted. Certainly, no one will ever mistake “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” for one of the great TV shows, or think that it was on-par with the EVIL DEAD trilogy, but it was a blast and a half to follow. Bruce Campbell was born to play Ash Williams, and this show gave him full-throttle licence to explore the character in fun new scenarios. We got to see old, middle-aged Ash cling to his youth, Ash deal with his unresolved relationship with his dad, and finally - become a father himself. It was inconsistent, but it was a fitting continuation of the character.

Sadly, it was never more than a niche success, and rampant online piracy also played a big role in Starz pulling the plug, as this was never a cheaply made show. While I have my doubts season three was ever really supposed to be the end for Ash, it comes to a fitting conclusion that’s not unlike the end to EVIL DEAD 2, or the original cut of ARMY OF DARKNESS, so it’s kind of appropriate that we leave Ash on a big cliffhanger.

Nonetheless, Ash at least finally wins his battle with the Necronomicon, in an ambitious, CLOVERFIELD-style action sequence, that must have broken the budget as far as cable fare goes. Ash sacrifices himself for Brandy, and his Ghostbeaters friends, with Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) finally back in her body, and about to give Pablo (Ray Santiago) a shot, and Ruby (Lucy Lawless) finally gone for good. He commandeers a tank and takes care of business, but is that it for Ash?

The big cliffhanger, that will likely drive fans nuts, is that Ash is revived by a cyborg in a post-apocalyptic future to once again to battle with evil. With a souped up ride, it’s for sure a cool glimpse into what season four might have been, a kind of MAD MAX-style mash-up with the show that might have swapped out supporting casts (the latter would have been a shame). It’s not gonna happen though, with Starz pulling the plug, and Campbell himself saying he was hanging up his chainsaw for good.

While not the intentional end, it’s appropriate, and must have been at least somewhat expected by the staff. Ash never really gets his happy endings, so leaving him stranded in the future is a fitting, kinda bad-ass end. While I still hope one day we get more from Ash (hey - no one ever thought this would actually happen - and it went on three seasons), if this is really the end it’s a good one.



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