Two new posters fly in for Thailand's 3D horror flick Dark Flight 407

Just last month Eric was right here giving you all a look at the new trailer and poster for Thailand's first ever 3D horror flick: DARK FLIGHT 407. You remember that shite? Of course you do.

Well I'm here today with two more one-sheets for the haunted airplane flick! You can thank me later. I've gone and tossed the new posters up above and below so you can go ahead and scroll away for the goods. What we've got in these new posters are the stars of the flick in an airplane filled with some bad mojo. Man that has to suck...

Ten years ago a young air hostess, New, miraculously survived a plane crash. New insists that a vengeful spirit caused that accident, but her belief unsettled those around her and she had to go through psycho-therapy. Now the woman is ready to fly again. But on her first flight, New is struck by a disturbing feeling. The plane on which she’s working looks familiar, and New realizes that it’s actually the same aircraft that crashed ten years ago, though it has been repaired and repainted. New is gripped by terror, but there’s nothing she can do because the plane has already taken off, along with the same vengeful spirits that reside in it. Up in the air, the spirits are determined to take her life this time.

Coming from director Isaara Nadee, DARK FLIGHT 407 stars Marsha Vadhanapanich (below) and Peter Knight. It is set to land in Thailand on March 22nd. Hopefully a US release is soon to follow. As always we'll keep our eyes open for more news regarding DARK FLIGHT 407 so be sure to check back soon for more updates as they roll our way.

Extra Tidbit: Other 'haunted airplane' flicks on the way include AIRBORNE and 7500.
Source: Sanook



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