UK war-horror flick No Man's Land makes monsters of us all

From AV Pictures comes a cool sounding new horror joint called NO MAN'S LAND, for which we just scored a synopsis and promo poster. The title made its rounds at the EFM this past week, hopefully enough interest was drummed up for buyers to want to invest. As it stands, the UK flick is currently in pre-production with plans to start filming later this month.

Written and directed by Sean Hogan, NO MAN'S LAND takes us to:

The Western Front, 1916. The daily struggle for survival in the trenches of World War One is terrifying enough, but the battle-weary English troops soon discover a new foe lurks on the battlefield, one far more malignant than their German opponents. An ancient race of creatures have emerged from their subterranean lair to feast on the corpses of the fallen, and no mere soldier can stand in their way. Only one lone corporal stands against them, but faced with a supernatural enemy, the forces of the German army, and the vicious sadism of his commanding officer, can he possibly survive the horrors of NO MAN'S LAND?

Nice! We always dig a good war-horror flick around her, and this one certainly promises to be that. Dark Matter is producing, AV Pictures distributing. Stay posted for casting info.

Extra Tidbit: Best war-horror flick you've seen is?
Source: AV Pictures



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