Unused Prometheus posters are cool but questionable

PROMETHEUS should be old news by now, having finally received a swanky DVD/Blu-ray release and whatnot. All the deleted scenes, concept art, and commentary tracks should explain whatever answers the film omitted from its mysterious plotline (I hope). However, there's still the matter of "the-ALIEN-prequel-that-could-have-been" floating around the internet zeitgeist. This fanboy fetishizing touches on everything from unused NSFW concept art to discussion of Jon Spaihts' early PROMETHEUS scripts. Now, we're moving on to aborted movie poster art.

Keep in mind the authenticity of the posters below remains HIGHLY dubious to this writer, but nevertheless the interwebs are marketing them as legit "unused marketing material" canned by Fox when Ridley Scott and company decided to downplay the film's ALIEN connections. There's no harm in playing along, even if we do so with an eyebrow raised skeptically.

As for the posters themselves, we've got a lot of neato Xenomorph-themed imagery, especially the hieroglyph that everyone went bananas over when the trailer first hit. Many of these feel very legit, while others (I'm looking at you "Promethius" poster) smack of slap-dash Photoshop chicanery. To make things more interesting I have included a phony poster of my own choosing in with the bunch just to see if you PROMETHEUS fans are really as sharp as your analytic reputations suggest. Check the twelve of 'em out below and tell us if they get your PROMETHEUS motor purring.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously guys, BLOCK HAWK DOWN. That should be a thing!



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