Valentine's Day feast with Cannibal Holocaust, The Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo

One of these days I’ll actually be able to participate in something like this, but for now I’ll just sit here and stare longingly into the awesomeness that is the Alamo Drafthouse. While most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day buying flowers for their significant other, Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo are doing it by eating them. That’s right, folks, the man-eating Ruggero Deodato classic CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is headed to the big screen with quite the meal on the menu, as well as a first time Vinyl release. Read on for all the details!

"To kick off the launch of the Cannibal Holocaust vinyl, we reached deep into the reservoir of the most insane screening ideas we’ve ever had and came up with a Valentine’s Day feast to celebrate a horror movie that gives horror fans pause. This is truly an anti-Valentine’s Day event and one we’d recommend if you’re looking for an easy way to break up with a significant other but can’t muster the courage to do it via text,” said Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael.

Considered one of the most notorious films ever released and banned in over 50 countries for many years, Ruggero Deodato’s most brutal film (and surely one of the first “found footage” movies) still retains the power to shock to this day. It charts a team of documentary filmmakers as they go deep into the jungle to find and film the indigenous tribes of the area.

“One thing that always stuck out like a sore thumb when viewing Cannibal Holocaust was Riz Ortolani’s score, which is beautifully composed and recorded, offering a mix of traditional orchestration and early synth work. As a stand-alone piece of music, it’s staggering; and I honestly think that if Cannibal Holocaust had a more traditional horror score, it would be even more uncomfortable to sit through. As it stands, Maestro Ortolani’s score offers some respite from the violence onscreen, and the juxtaposition between the sights onscreen and musical soundtrack have in my opinion never been bettered,” said Spencer Hickman, Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Company Label Manager.

Attendees will be treated to a delicious 4-course cannibal feast during the film:

  • Thinly Sliced Pickled Tongue (Aperitivo)
  • Turtle Soup (Primo)
  • Human Stew (Secondo)
  • Monkey Brains (Dolce)

You can pick up tickets for the event right HERE.

Track List:

  • 01. Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme) (2:55)
  • 02. Adulteress’ Punishment (3:21)
  • 03. Cameramen’s Recreation (3:11)
  • 04. Massacre of the Troupe (3:52)
  • 05. Love With Fun (2:53)
  • 06. Crucified Woman (2:20)
  • 07. Relaxing In The Savanna (3:08)
  • 08. Savage Rite (3:40)
  • 09. Drinking Coco (3:24)
  • 10. Cannibal Holocaust (End Titles) (3:53)

Extra Tidbit: Any of you going to check this out?



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