VIDEO INTERVIEW: Daniel Craig talks Cowboys & Aliens

Someone asked me after I had seen COWBOYS & ALIENS to convince them why the movie is good (and I do think it's quite fun). I answered quickly, "Daniel Craig." COWBOYS is not without its flaws but director Jon Favreau continues his knack for casting by getting a charismatic lead in Craig that establishes his presence from the opening sequence and brings you along for the ride.

My goal in interviewing Craig was to try and get him to laugh and while that didn't exactly happen, he was still in a pretty good mood. A few people have asked how I wasn't distracted during the Olivia Wilde interview (you've to lock those eyes on to her face and not let them venture downward) but it was just as easy to get distracted with Daniel Craig. I say this with a staunch record of heterosexuality but his eyes were so blue I was getting lost. "What, where was I?..."

COWBOYS & ALIENS hits theaters today and the film is worth seeing for Craig's performance alone (but also because it's better than most of the supposed blockbusters you've seen this summer). Check out our interview below!

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