VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sarah Polley, Splice!

Sitting across from Sarah Polley is simply a wonderful experience. For one thing, she is easily one of the most interesting actresses working today. From her stunning work in THE SWEET HEREAFTER, and of course her oddball genetic engineer in SPLICE, she is always top-notch. But aside from her talent, she is one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. Not in a phony way, just in this natural and seriously charming way. Aside from that, she is unbelievably nice.

When I walked in to the interview, she looked up and said hello. Immediately she started a conversation. Sometimes actors will hardly pay any attention to you until the session begins, but not Sarah. We spoke about Splice and how so much of it center on a strange and deadly family unit of sorts. We also talked about her next directing project, one I am looking forward to after her critically acclaimed AWAY FROM HER. But you can see her this summer opposite “Dren” when Splice opens up at a theatre near you.

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