Warner Bros. prepping a Batman reboot for 2016, but not as origin story?

What the hell took so long?!

A mere 13 days after TDKR opening worldwide - since culling over $300 million - Warner Bros. is apparently prepping a franchise reboot of BATMAN to be ready for 2016. Cosmicbooknews includes the word might, so take that for what you will. It seems the plan is to release a newly vamped take on the character after the first JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is released. It won't be an origin story but will feature Batman entering his second year as a hero.

Even more dubious is the possible new title, which might be THE BATMAN. I can't see that, but I can see how a reboot would be so imminent. It's all about the dough these days, and given how popular the Nolan films are, WB is going to capitalize. Seriously though, can anyone come in and actually improve the character? Haven't Nolan and Bale done the property more than enough justice?

Or do we need a reboot so soon?

Made Marion

Extra Tidbit: Favorite BATMAN film to date?



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