Warner Bros to unleash dinosaurs upon LA!

Los Angeles might not be filmmakers' favorite target for epic on-screen destruction (that honor would probably go to either Tokyo or NY), but it does get its share of cinematic abuse. As we've just learned, courtesy of Deadline, Warner Bros has another nasty surprise for the movie capital of the world, as the studio have just bought a sci-fi action pitch about a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles!

No further details regarding the story are available at this point, although it's been revealed that John Clisham (of James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment) will direct and write the script with Mike Bayman.

The entire project was originally developed as a web series by Break Media, until Warners’ Greg Silverman and Sarah Schecter decided to acquire the rights to make a feature length movie, after seeing some early tests.

Sounds good! One can never have too much giant lizards demolishing cityscapes. The as-yet-untitled production is still in its infancy, so prepare to hear a lot more in the coming months. Fortunately, we'll have other flicks to ease the wait.

Extra Tidbit: Clearly, there are no images from the flick yet - anyone care to take a guess where the two pics accompanying the article are from?
Source: Deadline



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