Watch Michael Cera get creepy in this unsettling trailer for Magic Magic

I've always thought that Michael Cera was a creepy lil' dude, but maybe that's because he seems a little awkward. After checking out the trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film MAGIC MAGIC, I need to give Cera more credit. His awkwardness really lends itself to selling the actor as a creepy wierdo in his role in Sebastian Silva's latest film. I gotta admit, Cera really turns the creep-factor up a notch here, and it's quite unsettling.

MAGIC MAGIC premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and Sony Home Entertainment has acquired the rights to the thriller, which is set to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray August 6, 2013. Give the trailer below a look and get ready to be creeped out by Cera in wierdo-overdrive. The film also stars Juno Temple, Emily Browning and Catalina Sandino Moreno.

The story revolves around Alicia (Temple), who arrives in Chile on her first trip out of the United States. As she visits her friend Sarah (Browning), she tries to fit into a different world – all while slowly losing her mind. She must contend with the surreal, unfamiliar countryside of Chile, the always delicate, sometimes dismissive treatment of Sarah's boyfriend Agustin and friends (Moreno) and the vague antagonism of a complex character named Brink (Cera).

Extra Tidbit: Does MAGIC MAGIC look as unsettling to you as it does to me?



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