We have some details on the new 'found footage' genre flick Loss Of Life

Yesterday we hit you all with some sweet art for a new ‘found footage’ flick called LOSS OF LIFE. Yet we had no real details on it, aside from the type of film that it was.

Well have no fear; we have some details on the film including some pictures, a synopsis, and cast & crew details! So let’s get right now to it shall we?

LOSS OF LIFE features David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi as directors. Michael Matteo Rossi also wrote the film, which was based on a story he wrote along with Britton Hein. The Executive Producers are Arlen Escarpeta, Perigil Ilacas and Michael Mavrolas, with Producers Britton Hein (Genuine Cinema) and Seda Melkoni (Journey Pictures).

The film’s cast includes Reggie Range, Niko ‘Ace Primo’ Warren, Randi Borden, Melvin Gregg, Elijan Vegas, Trevon Morales, Chris Petrovski, Charlie Glackin and Chris Tyler Link.

Synopsis: On October 31, 2011, in North Hollywood, California, a group of high school friends decided to document their halloween night out. What they end up documenting is a horrific bloody attack that quickly becomes the worst night of their lives. This film is the compilation of the footage found that night.

Check out the film's Facebook Page and Twitter, and groove to the pictures below!

Extra Tidbit: I am liking what I am seeing with this one!



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