Where in the Horror are they Now? It's time to say goodbye!

It's time to say goodbye!

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In October of 2012, we at AITH began a wonderful journey down nostalgia lane. Where in the Horror are they Now began with one of my favorite genre actors, Thom Mathews, who was our first, and since then, we’ve looked at some of the most exciting names in horror. We examined their early years, what they are up to now, and everything in between. Considering I grew up watching all of these movies, it was wonderful for me personally to revisit some of my old favorites, and of course discover a few treats I missed out on. Hopefully, you all did the same, and perhaps found somebody that you were unaware of, or maybe you wanted to revisit a cool flick or two that you may have missed out on.

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However, all good things must pass. Today, we are saying goodbye to Where in the Horror are they Now? It has been an honor being your tour guide into classic scares over the past five years. During that time, we’ve looked back on some of the best and the brightest that have frightened us, made us smile and entertained our genre loving hearts. While it is hard to say goodbye, it has been such a great pleasure being a part of this. And considering many of the folks we covered returned the favor and shared this with their fans, it made my heart swell with pride. I love horror, and I love so many of the people that make it fun to be scared in a darkened theatre. 

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We are not focusing today on a single talent, but what I’d like to so is offer up a quick update on five of my own favorites that we’ve covered in the past. Considering how many talented people we’ve talked about here, narrowing down to five was a very difficult task. This isn’t necessarily a “best of” or a ‘greatest horror hits,” it’s just a way to say goodbye and look back at some of the amazing people that inspired our little column. And of course, I really wanted to thank all of the readers that liked, shared, posted and commented on “Where in the Horror are they Now?” Thank you for the support, and thank you for loving horror as we do here at Arrow in the Head. Now on to the list… (for the original article, click on the names below)

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How could I not start off with this man. After all, he was the first and he is still one of my favorites. Dude, the man was in two of the coolest horror flicks ever, JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, so what’s not to love? While the actor hasn’t done much on-screen since our last visit, he is a part of something seriously awesome. For all of you fans that are digging Friday the 13th: The Game, you apparently can find Mr. Mathews lending his voice to ‘Tommy Jarvis.’ Thom is the man, and anytime I see his name attached with FRIDAY THE 13th, it makes me very happy.  If you want to keep up with the actor, you can check out his social media links here.

sarah michelle gellar buffy the vampire slayer cruel intentions scream 2 where in the horror are they now


Buffy the Vampire Slayer will always be one of my favorite television shows. And yes, Sarah’s performance had me from the very beginning. Since we looked back at her career, she has successfully found work on a number of shows from Robot Chicken to Star Wars: Rebels. According to her IMDb page, she will return to play Kathryn Merteuil in a TV movie based on her cult hit Cruel Intentions - this I really need to see. She also made an appearance on the entertaining comedy series Those Who Can’t, so the actress has done a seemingly good job at still having a career and being a mom. You can follow Sarah on Twitter and Facebook here, and I highly recommend you do so.

miko hughes where in the horror are they now pet sematary new nightmare wes craven mercury rising where in the horror are they now


This may surprise you, but I believe Miko may have given some of the best child performances in the genre. He was fantastic in PET SEMATARY, NEW NIGHTMARE and while not a horror movie, he was perfect in MERCURY RISING. Since we last talked about the actor, he appeared in a TV series called The New Adventures of Pinkgirl and The Scone, and a short called Brody - voice only. With the recent and impressive young actors coming out in genre today, Miko Hughes was ahead of his time. If you’d like to follow the actor, you can check him out on Facebook and Twitter. And as a personal note, I have to thank Miko for reaching out after the original article appeared, he’s a real class act.

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Deborah Foreman became one of my favorite actresses when I discovered her work in horror and comedy as well. Her impossible to resist charm made her a bright shining star in every feature film appearance she made. Now she has put her focus on a very different career, and I’d highly recommend you contact her business if you are looking to create an awesome website. Frankly, Ms. Foreman is as lovely as ever, and like Miko, she gave us at AITH a wonderful response to our column. Please follow this incredible talent on Facebook and Twitter, and do yourself a favor and watch WAXWORK, VALLEY GIRL, MY CHAUFFEUR and APRIL FOOLS DAY because she rocked in all of them. You can keep up with Deborah on Twitter, and her officlal website as well.

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Bad movie lovers have a soft spot for the incredibly bizarre and deliciously dumb SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2. And much of the joy we get is from watching Mr. Eric Freeman deliver some seriously awful dialogue in a gleefully over-the-top way. The dude was awesome, and for a number of years he disappeared from the public eye. After we featured him, we did hear from the actor and it was a very kind response. Thankfully he seemingly embraced the fame that the film has brought him. In fact, a few lucky fans had the chance to watch the film with Eric at the New Beverly in Los Angeles in December of 2013. Glad to see you back, Mr. Freeman!

If I could have, I would’ve included every single actor, actress, director, stunt performer and what have you in this column. Thanks to all the amazing talent that makes horror great, and thanks to all of you who have supported Where in the Horror are they Now? You all make me proud to be a genre fan.

Extra Tidbit: Who are some of the artists featured here are your favorites? What are some of your favorite classic genre talent stories at conventions or otherwise?
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