Will Philip Seymour Hoffman join The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

With the abundance of casting rumors and announcements concerning THE HUNGER GAMES sequel CATCHING FIRE, it seems like you can't throw a rock these days without hitting an actor who was offered or at least considered for a part. We know the Robert Pattinson rumor was bogus and that the role of Finnick Odair is still up for grabs and now it looks like another actor might soon join the cast.

As multiple sources claim, Philip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the role of Plutarch Heavensbee in CATCHING FIRE. Bear in mind, though, neither the actor himself, nor Lionsgate commented on the matter, so as far as we know, it's still speculation. Plus, even if the offer was made, it's still quite a bit away from Hoffman joining the flick.

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE is still scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 22nd, 2013. While the supporting cast is being assembled as we speak, we do know that stars of the original - Jennifer Lawrence (below), Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson - will reprise their roles in the sequel.

Extra Tidbit: For those of you who read the novel, could you think of anyone better for the part?



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